Step into an immersive and enigmatic labyrinth, where every twist and turn reveals new mysteries in the aesthetics of an uncanny pool-like world. Defined with a non-linear structure, you'll have the freedom to explore the depths of this captivating realm firsthand. Decipher the puzzles within the most popular poolrooms from the internet.


For the moment, our efforts are aimed at the development of multiple maps, and we nurture a compelling vision to extend further the frontiers of liminal spaces. Our ambitious goal is to magnify these spaces to their utmost potential, crafting an immersive and unparalleled experience that surpasses any expectations.


Yes. We re actively developing the next batch of maps and will be published alongside the full release.

No. Dreamcore is aimed to be a singleplayer psychological horror experience.

There is no unified lore, each map will have its unique storytelling and independent background.

No. Dreamcore is a psychological horror oriented title. You won't be chased and neither be able to die.

Maybe after publishing the full game.

Maybe :)


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